Email Checker

Email Checker

email checker logo You can’t always rely on your users to type in a correct email address, especially from a smartphone. Make sure only VALID working email addresses are allowed through.

Are you tempted to add a second email box to your form to make users enter their email address twice – really? Why not verify their email address in real-time instead? If an invalid email address is entered, let the user know straight away so they can correct any errors.

If you require an email address to access your content, make sure to prevent deliberately fake and disposable emails. Stop the tyre kickers in their tracks!

What does it do?

Our email verification API can be used to check email addresses in real-time. We don’t just check syntax and domain, we also check that the user mailbox is available. This is the only way to know for sure if an email address is valid.

Possible applications for the email verification API

  • If you operate a lead generation web site, blog or forum make it harder for users to sign up with false emails.
  • For e-commerce checkouts, make sure customers receive their order notifications by preventing invalid emails from being entered.
  • If your call center takes email addresses as part of the customer contact data, real-time verification can greatly reduce the amount of incorrectly keyed emailed addresses.
  • For software vendors where email addresses are captured as part of the on-boarding process, integrate full email verification as a value-add for your service.
  • With Email-Checker, there is no need any more to take incorrect email addresses and wait for them to bounce!


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