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G- Lock Software

g-lock logo List hygiene plays a role in the delivery race. It is important to maintain a clean mailing list andremove bounced, undeliverable emails because a lot of ISP mail servers have been known to block a sender’s email domain for repeatedly sending messages to non-existing email addresses.

If you are getting too many bounces, undeliverables, complainers, and being blocked as a result, Advanced Email Verifier can help when nothing else will.

Advanced E-mail Verifier will check every email address from a database or a mailing list and determine if the e-mails are still valid. Our email verification software is an easy to use, powerful, and reliable utility to verify and clean up your mailing list.

With Advanced Email Verifier you can:

  • Clear your email list or database from bounced and undeliverable email addresses
  • Decrease the Internet traffic and save your bandwidth
  • Verify the email addresses directly from the database without import-export
  • Quickly load mailing lists in program
  • Import email lists containing email addresses and other custom fields
  • Quickly save the results generated by the email verification software to a text file
  • Export the email addresses together with custom fields
  • Handle bounced messages
  • Automatically delete auto-reply emails
  • Check email syntax
  • Sort and filter the email addresses
  • Safely save and recover your data

Check them out at : http://www.glocksoft.com/email-verifier/