iContactWith iContact, you can take your marketing dollars further by sharing your ideas, strengthening your member relationships, and increasing your organisations awareness through email. Their easy-to-use tools move you seamlessly from building lists and designing emails, to sending messages and tracking opens and clicks.

Email Templates

iContact loves email templates and have one to match your business needs. Choose from hundreds of well designed templates guaranteed to make your message pop.


If you are a design or HTML pro, this is the tool for you. Use MessageCoder to import HTML from your favourite template or to start a message from scratch. Then use their table editing tools, message previews, and custom color swatches to put the final touches on a message that’s exactly what you want, down to the very last HTML tag.

Email Delivery

iContact moves your messages straight from your business to your customers’ inboxes, every time. How do we do it? With a team of delivery specialists, SpamCheck™, and close relationships with all the major Internet service providers.

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Professional Email Marketing Services   iContact

Email Templates   iContact